Things you need before you start

CAPP runs on Windows PCs and Macs.

The required environment like MySQL, Java or XOJO is also available on all platforms.

Parts like Velocity or TeloSys come automatically with CAPP.

All you need to start with CAPP

  • CAPP Demo Download

    Download the CAPP Demo Edition and use it as long as you want. Some functions will only work in the Professional Edition.

  • Community Edition

    Download the Open Source (Mac OS Version only) of CAPP to try out the concept

  • CAPP Video Demo

    Have a look at our video demo and get a better understanding about CAPP.

  • MySQL Download

    Install the MySQL Server, the Workbench and some test data if desired.

  • Java Download

    Install the JDK to be prepared to use Velocity and Telosys if you did not do so already.

  • XOJO Download

    Develop apps for Desktop, Web, iOS and Raspberry Pi with Xojo. Get started free after a registration.

  • Quick-Start

    Only a few clicks and you get a ready-to-run Xojo application made from your database structure

  • Read the documents

    Look at our documentation. You find a manual and a quick-start. This should help you to get started.

  • Look for News

    We feed our newsfeed with all the new things that happen with CAPP. Have a look!