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Using templates is a common shortcut for any developer already. Designing database applications makes this principle even more important. CAPP is a tool based on Apache Velocity and its command line interface TeloSys to create a database application from any existing data model without coding. This works with templates which are completely transparent and adaptable to your needs.

  • Community Edition Available

    CAPP is based on Open Source Software. So we give back and offer an Open Source CAPP so that you will be able to use your templates free and for ever.

  • Fully Platform Independent

    There is (or will be) available a CAPP Version for any PC Platform: Windows, Mac or even Linux.

  • Any Destination Language

    CAPP is using an open template system so that the code can be ganerated in any language, like Xojo, PHP, HTML or even Java

  • Velocity

    CAPP uses Apache Velocity and TeloSys as main processors for templates. The templates can be used in any other Velocity environment, like Eclipse.

  • CAPP

    Velocity needs a lot of environment and control options. This is where CAPP is designed for: Doing all the control so that you can concentrate on the real important things.

  • Specification

    CAPP generates 90% of your code, as long as you are using a database as the specification for your system. Of course the documentation comes along with that.