CAPP is avaliable for Windows PC and for Mac OS only now.

It is based on Velocity, which is written in Java.

Get Java here: https://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/index.html

Velocity uses a database to work.

We use MySQL which you can get here: https://www.mysql.com/downloads/

CAPP only generates XOJO code so far.

XOJO can be downloaded and tested from here: https://www.xojo.com/download/

You have to sign in at XOJO for getting a free demo version.

Download CAPP

CAPP contains in its installer a copy of Velocity and Telosys.

Visit the Resources-Section of our WebSite

Click the "CAPP Download" Button, fill out the request form and go!

Community Edition

If you want to use CAPP as a front end for Velocity only and if you do not want to pay for CAPP, the Community Edition is the right choice for you. It is open source, so that you can adapt everything to your needs if necessary. It is licensed under the Apache License 2.0 so that you can use it for your own purpose. Keep in mind that CAPP is not free software and that there are still copyrights on the code.

Free to use Edition (Demo)

CAPP can be used free with the complete set of functionality needed for generating complete XOJO systems. Also other destination languages can be selected. Version 2.50 allows the use of SQLite databases as input (context).

Professional Edition

The Professional Edition is an extended version of the CAPP system. It allows more than 15 modules, as many embeds as you want and allows the loopback of embeds from the generated code back into CAPP.

After downloading the Package File please doubleclick it in your Download directory.


Installation follows the standardised process.

Please accept that we will not grant you anything (!)

Please read the license agreement - which differs between CE and PE versions:

The Professional Edition will ask for our license agreement, the Community Edition will ask you to accept the Apache License Version 2.0:

Where ever you want to install CAPP - it will not end up in the default "Application" directory. If you use "Install for all users" you need admin rights and CAPP will be installed in /Users/CAPP-PE (or CAPP-CE). Otherwise "for me only" will create a "Users/CAPP-PE" directory inside your Users directory.

Anyhow you will be asked to enter a login for the installation:

After pressing "Install Software" CAPP will be installed.

Please take care: CAPP will not show up in your standard applications! If you want you can fix the CAPP icon in your taskbar with the appropriate option while CAPP is running.


Enter your setination directory /User/CAPP-PE (or CAPP-CE) and enter the /bin directory. Call up CAPP in there.

For a comfortable start you should use the "Wizard" button on the right side of the header bar:

If we want to keep it short you should click each of the buttons from left to right. If anything goes wrong this can be done over and over again.


The last wizard will ask you for your database:

In this case we will use the MySQL test database with the user "capp" and password "capp". Sure, this will differ at your configuration. So please feel free to take any MySQL database together with your user or admin account.


Simply press the "Generate" Button. Thats it:

If you want you can check if everything went right at the "Application" window. If there is no small "ERR" symbol on the leftmost side, then your XOJO App is ready to go.


Now change to the "CAPP-PE/out directory". This was empty at the installation. But now you will find a lot of files in there. The number of files is related to the number of tables CAPP found in the database you entered in the configuration above.

In our sample we see some files of the SKILA test database. A documentation is generated for the complete system as a MarkDown file (CappTest_Documentation.md). This is a simple Textfile which can be edited with any text editor - and of course with any MarkDown Editor. We prefer Typora: https://typora.io/

To open the generated application in XOJO simply doubleclick the "CappTest.xojo_project" file. XOJO will open and show the app. There should not occur any errors.


After loading the app you can simply click the "Run" icon at the top. The App will be executed in Debug-Mode. You can check out and test everything.

If you want to compile an binary application which you can install anywhere else consider buying Xojo.