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CAPP Editions

  • Community

    $ 0


    Generate an XOJO app from a database definition only

    Modify and use your own templates

    Use Embeds to place your code inside the generated Application

    Thank you for supporting our Community Edition

  • Demo

    $ 0


    All you can do with the Community Edition

    Improved Application Tree View

    Advanced XOJO Code editor with syntax highlitighting

    Generate the complete documentation

  • Professional

    $ 280


    All you can do with the Demo Version

    Get code changes back into CAPP embeds

    Use any destination language

    Use DB comments to control your code

  • Enterprise

    $ 99


    All from the Business Edition

    Get full support ASAP

Compare CAPP Versions

What is the best choice for you ?

CE : Community Edition - Open Source and free for ever
DE : Demo Edition - Use better editing features - free for ever
PE : Professional Edition - Gets back your changes from generated Code
EE : Enterprise Edition - Get professional Support
Feature CE DE PE EE
Generate a Xojo App from database ✔︎
Modify System Structure ✔︎
Modify Velocity Templates ✔︎
Use your own variables ✔︎
Use Sourcecode Embeds ✔︎
Use the setup wizard ✔︎
Modify the Environment Setting ✔︎
Loopback Embeds ✔︎
Use variables from DB comments ✔︎
Create system documentation ✔︎
Get Forum Write Access ✔︎
Use multiple languages ✔︎
Use improved System Structures ✔︎ ✔︎
5 days mail support ✔︎ ✔︎
Get full support ASAP ✔︎