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CAPP Editions

  • Community

    $ 0


    Generate an XOJO app from a database definition only

    Modify and use your own templates

    Use Embeds to place your code inside the generated Application

    Thank you for supporting our Community Edition

  • Professional

    $ 360


    All you can do with the Community Edition

    Retrieve your code back from your edited XOJO Application

    Drive your App by using Velocity commands from the Comment Fields of the Database Tables

    Let CAPP generate the complete System Documentation for you

    Participate actively in our Forum

  • Business

    $ 160


    All you can do with the Professional Version

    Get Support in between 5 working days per mail

    Use any other language in your templates to generate your code

  • Enterprise

    $ 880


    All from the Business Edition

    Use multiple Systems inside the same CAPP database

    Use of improved System Structure Editor

    Get full support ASAP

Compare CAPP Versions

What is the best choice for you ?

CE : Community Edition - Open Source and free for ever
PE : Professional Edition - Gets back your changes from generated Code
BE : Business Edition - Use multiple destination Languages
EE : Enterprise Edition - Get professional Support
Feature CE PE BE EE
Generate a Xojo App from database ✔︎
Modify System Structure ✔︎
Modify Velocity Templates ✔︎
Use your own variables ✔︎
Use Sourcecode Embeds ✔︎
Use the setup wizard ✔︎
Modify the Environment Setting ✔︎
Loopback Embeds ✔︎
Use variables from DB comments ✔︎
Create system documentation ✔︎
Get Forum Write Access ✔︎
Use multiple languages ✔︎
5 days mail support ✔︎ ✔︎
Use multiple Systems ✔︎
Use improved System Structures ✔︎
Get full support ✔︎