Frequently asked Questions

Everything you always wanted to know about CAPP

+ What does CAPP stand for?

CAPP is an abbreviation for "Computer Aided Program Production" similar to the famous CAD acronym. It means CAPP is a system to design applications like with a CAD system.

+ Is CAPP a proprietary application?

Yes and no. CAPP is based on the open source systems of Apache Velocity and Telosys. It allows to use both in a very easy manner. The templates used can also be used in the Eclipse environment. - without CAPP. Only the CAPP application itself is proprietary.

+ Is there an open source version?

Yes. You can download one of the first CAPP vewrsions as open souce for Mac. Fully functional but limited.

+ What are the reasons for using XOJO?

XOJO is a multi platform development environment. It is fast, reliable and very versatile. Using XOJO we can provide CAPP on Mac OS and Windows PCs. Even Linux and RaspBerry is possible.

+ How is CAPP working?

CAPP uses templates for generating code. Variables inside the templates are replaced with data. The data comes directly from a database.

+ Is CAPP adaptable to my needs?

Yes. There are three ways to adapt CAPP. First there are variables you can set. Then you can use "Embeds" - little pieces of code kept separate and embedded in your generated code at any place you want. And last but not least you can edit the templates themselves.

+ Is CAPP running in virtual machines?

Yes and No. The Community Edition runs everywhere. All the commercial versions work with an external license system which does not support virtual machines yet.