Computer Aided Program Production

Generate your source code solely based on a database model

What is CAPP?

CAPP is a tool to produce database applications automatically.

The future of App development is at your hands.

New Release 2.50 improvements in June 2020:

  • MySQL and SQLite as Source Databases
  • New improved TreeView for Application structure
  • Syntax highlighting Code-Embed-Editor
  • New Version is free to use only with your mail address
  • All destination languages are usable
  • Generate

    Save time by using your own code repository effectively and be more competitive

  • Standard

    Anything you code with CAPP is independent, because your code is in Velocity and can be used everywhere else

  • Adaptable

    CAPP uses transparent code templates, which can be adapted to 100% for your needs

  • Flexible

    CAPP can be used for ANY destination code (PHP, HTML, Java), and we started with XOJO first

How to CAPP

Using templates is a common shortcut for any developer already.

Designing database applications makes this principle even more important.

CAPP is a tool based on Apache Velocity to create a database application from any existing data model.

This works with templates which are completely transparent and adaptable to your needs.

  • Community Edition Available

    CAPP is based on Open Source Software. So we give back and offer an Open Source Version of CAPP with a reduced functionality so that you will be able to use your templates free and for ever

  • Fully Platform Independent

    There is a CAPP Version for Mac and PC available. Also the destination platforms can change as well as the database you are going to use

  • Any Destination Language

    CAPP is using an open template system so that the code can be generated in any language, like Xojo, PHP, HTML or even Java

  • Tech Info

    See which platforms are available for which Version. Learn about the different functionalities of the versions. Check the system requirements.

  • How To

    Get a brief introduction in using CAPP with our Quick-Start. Check out the How-To. Read the manual. Find some suggestions to check out.

  • Try or Buy

    You should start with the CAPP Demo Version. After a registration you can use it for free.